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Ripped Off: Timeless Gift at Garden City along Thika Road

I bought a designer watch from a gift shop called Timeless Gift located on the first floor of garden city Mall on Thika Road. 
Within a day (27th March) of wearing the watch the strap broke into pieces and I returned the watch to the shop for repair. Initially, the shop was outrightitly dismissive of my complaint overdoing that this could not have been their strap/ watch almost saying that I switched the strap. Of course this is outrageous since strap cost is only a minute fraction of the watch cost. I was insisted that I needed the strap replaced since I would not switch a strap in order to claim!
Armed with my receipt, I have made numerous trips to this shop to return my watch repaired or not. I have not received any co-operation and I fear there could be many more customers going through such. 
I request that a thorough audit of the quality of these watches be done. 
I note that the shop is not giving ETR receipts.. Something the appropriate authorities should check. 
I would want to know the outcome of this investigation before many more fall prey. 
Martin N.

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