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Tala, Branch loan Apps: Privacy Violation of Phone Data

Dear Sir/Madam,
Would like to draw your attention to privacy violations by mobile loan apps operating in Kenya such as TALA and BRANCH. The apps violate your privacy by accessing all your text messages (SMS or MMS),call log,gallery etc. Such information is private and confidential and is an alarming attack on peoples privacy. The use of such data is also not explained by these applications nor on how it is handled.

This is a great abuse of customers personal data. Customers bank accounts and online financial accounts could also be used or may have already been used to loot from them. Furthermore, such data could also be used by third parties for abuse. Errant staff of such loan companies/apps could also make use of peoples confidential messages,photos,financial accounts and other details for blackmail.

Such violations by Edward Snowden who exposed American spy programme and Assange of Wikileaks, who is now unleashing private embassy details to the whole world. Such leakages oft data has put the lives of those exposed to extreme danger of death assassinations,disappearances etc.


Most worrying these apps like TALA don't have physical addresses/offices in Kenya and cant be contacted directly by phone. This is quite strange and alarming.  What if customers need direct face to face information with customer care or any staff member of such applications.
A request to get their phone number or physical address gets such a reply. ""We are a remote lending company, we communicate with customers using Facebook, email and in app chat.""  This is quite insulting reply outrightly boarders on arrogance! I don't understand how a grandmother back in the village can be assisted by such arrogance.
It is also quite clear Kenyans financial status and country economy data is in the hands of foreigners and foreign based companies. TALA headquaters is in  Santa Monica, CA, USA. Under which laws or jurisdiction does it therefore operate? Kenyan or American?
The government and concerned authorities must urgently intervene.

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