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CocaCola : Details of the contaminated Fanta orange soda

My name is Titus Jumbe, 

In the month of October 2017, I went to a shop and bought four bottles of CocaCola products.

One of them was half (1/2) litre Glass bottle Fanta Orange for my kids. Before i opened, i discovered some dark visible dark impurities in one Fanta orange bottle and some other particles that look like worms. 

I contacted Coca-Cola and one lady called Nicole her 07270223** spoke to me and promised that she was to inform their customer surveillance or someone called Nancy Gitau. The said Nancy called me on 22/10/2017 using phone 0719010000 and promised to visit my office at 2pm on that date but to date she has never arrived.

I made other reminders to Nicole who promised to remind her but no action has ever been taken. 

My question is if this product would have harmed me and my family would Coca-Cola have owned up? I have the product intactly sealed with the expiry date showing February 2018. 

Find attached Video of the product in an intact sealed bottle. Some action Please! Regards,


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