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KNEC: No need for unnecessary hurry in releasing the KCSE results!

Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) and possibly ministry of Education plan to take more time to sort out the release of KCSE 2017 results is in the right direction. As from some media reports (mainstream and social media) the results were to be released on Monday 18th December 2017. That is per the rumours which looked well founded.  I and many don’t see the hurry to release them. The most important thing is to ensure authenticity. So long as they can control fraudulent activities there is no hurry. History on results of examinations in Kenya has been quite rotten. But going by 2016 and 2017 KCPE and 2016 KCSE results mistakes were done. The latest release of KCPE 2017 results must have damaged many students. But ignorance is bliss to KNEC obviously.

Obviously also KNEC will not correct many of those results as they know many parents and guardians plus teachers are either ignorant or will simply accept what they are given. Few like Olympic school in Nairobi and others in places like Naivasha and Siaya did follow up. Others will have to live with the damage. That is Kenya’s government institutions for you. People look for simply convenience. Nothing more. What is convenient is what they go by.

There are very few people who uphold morality in public service in Kenya. Many just earn their pay or get a chance to use the public office for self-gain. Nothing more. So rather than get to the circus of wrong results, let KNEC check and recheck the 2017 KCSE results. But as they do so let them make sure that evil merchants don’t gain access to manipulate results. Kenya does not deserve fraudulent results at all. This manipulation has been the problem in the past. We have so many undeserving good grades out there in the market. After all even degrees and other certificates have been obtained illegally in Kenya. Getting fake results just as is easy to get fake title deeds, car logbooks and passports or identity cards has been a common habit in Kenya.  It is getting anything you desire by whatever means. Corruption seems to be a strong culture in Kenya.

I fully support  CS Matiang’i desire to clean the mess in the education in Kenya. But as he does this he has to be very careful. In the process carelessness and severe mistakes still occur. It is difficult to fight evil within a long rotten system but also we have also to make sure we don’t hurt the innocent. Take time to check and recheck the 2017 KCSE results after marking. Don’t just hide on efficiency and law to deny innocent Kenyans their rights. The damage to innocent people as an assault to morality and goes against tenets of any good religion which we profoundly profess in Kenya. Why hypocrisy seems a way of life or a normal in Kenya is quite baffling.

Martin Muya, Nairobi


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