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Dominos Pizza: Your pizzas are too small ... Why reduce the size not the money?

On Fri, Dec 15, 2017 at 7:38 PM, Kajal Patel <kajal@... > wrote:

Hi, I am really disappointed by the pizza purchase today. I ordered one large margarita and two garlic breads. I was informed about the offers you have, but was not informed about the reduction in the size. Upon delivery when I saw the size I asked the rider, he is the one who informed me that the size have been reduced. 


I had ordered keeping in mind the previous size, I called the manager Becky at Nexgen mall (that’s where I placed the order), she explained to me that the sizes have changed, and offered to give a 50% discount, on next purchase, which is nice of her, but what I fail to understand is that how is this compensation going to solve the problem at hand. My point is that the food that I ordered was not sufficient for that particular time, so the discount will not really help. 


I asked her to send me a complimentary pizza of medium size she said she can do a complimentary cheese bread, but not pizza as she is not authorized. I feel the customer is bearing the brunt of a mistake which happened at your end. I understand that even your employees are getting in to the transition of the size, but there should be more prudent way of dealing with situations like such. 


I am left with only two options either to go ahead and cook or order another pizza, I which leads to more wait time, hence delaying my other plans. I tried going through your facebook page as well. There is no information about the change in size, unless I have missed it. Neither is your website saying the same. So I am just getting anxious.  

I am really feeling cheated at this point. Also note that sometimes placing another order to compensate the deficit in size may not be pocket friendly for all. There are times when we allocate a certain budget towards our expenses, so which means if I ordered another medium margarita I would have added another 500/- to my existing bill of 1350/- so the total will be 1850/-  against me spending 1850/- towards two large pizzas, which would have worked better for me. Hoping to get a response on the above at the earliest. 



Warm Regards, Kajal

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