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Citizen Radio, Safaricom and CA: Help stop this extortion racket

Am writing to complain about something I’ve observed and have been a victim of as well where the public has been and is still currently being extorted by the above mentioned parties.

It’s apparently a scheme/ collision between the media house, Safaricom and the Communication Authority among others where the CA has licensed the media house to run a program where listeners are tricked into answering very simple questions in the pretext that they will win some money in the event that they give the correct answer.

But alas!; the next thing they discover is that they start receiving news alerts via sms on their phones at Sh10 a piece!! via safaricom!! Without their consent !! ..and this can go on as many times a day so long as the listeners have credit in their phones.

This scheme is targeted on the majority poor who are barely making do and the credit being ‘stolen’ from them every day to enrich the already too rich is appalling.

The worst part is that once enlisted for this service unwittingly and without consent, the operators do not inform the listeners about how to unsubscribe from the news update service so that they can quit at will.

This I believe is immoral and unacceptable and it’s a big shame that such a scheme can be hatched against the very poor of us … and publicly , okayed by a regulator that should know better, under the noses of watchdogs like cofek and be allowed to continue for months on end without anyone raising a finger.


I wonder what regulations/law such a scheme obeys but what am convinced is that morally it is very wrong. I hope to see cofek doing something about this and soon! 

Josphat Wafula 

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