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Equity Bank Ukunda Branch: Publicly humiliated my wife on her allowable loan limit

I'm Martin Njeru, I've been a member of Equity Bank since 2005,Acc-025010147***; but the experience my wife had today at your Ukunda branch needs addressing.

She had picked loan application forms from the bank sometime in December 2017. Now this morning she decided to take them back armed with all the requisite documents.

Her name is Caroline Z.M -ID No-25829***. She teaches at the most prominent private schools in South Coast-*** where she is the Deputy Head teacher. She's been in the school since 2010.

Now today on reaching the bank she didn't find the loan's officer she had dealt with when picking the forms in December. So she was asked to see one Mr.James-he's like the senior loan officer.

James did a quick look at the documentation she had and started attacking her stating that she didn't qualify for a Ksh.60,000 loan as she wasn't a civil servant, that she worked in a private school and that if it were up to him he would have just given her Ksh.20,000 loan.

All these was being said with a lot of attitude from James and my wife had to interject and tell him that she wasn't there to beg and was just like any other loan applicant.

So she took her folder and left enraged but not ready to stoop low and cause a scene. That's when she called me explaining the humiliation she had suffered.

Therefore my questions are:

a) Is this form of treatment right;

b) Why is a loan officer lacking courtesy allowed to serve clients;

c) Does the sense of entitlement Mr.James had, mean that he possesses immense power to determine loan limits for someone without any concrete criteria or reasoning and explanation.

d) My wife is a permanent employee and her salary is processed via your bank as her school banks with you also, so with all this info was she not entitled to some cogent explanations on what credit she qualified for.


Please kindly look into the matter as soon as it's possible. Her mobile number is 0720-003***, while her Acc No: 0440163495***.

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