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Kenol Kobil MD : David Ohana branded as radical by insiders and dealers


David Ohana,

It is in good faith that we once again write to you and hope this finds you well. 

We had really hoped that our relationship would have improved since our last communication and as it has turned out, it is anything but! You have refused to improve the relations and dealings with the stakeholders of KenolKobil and continued to look askance upon everyone who is connected to the organization. We still remain where we left it at. Where the company is today is the direct result of combined effort from every stakeholder and you cannot take that away from anyone. Everybody matters and stop deluding yourself that only you are more important than anyone else. Your continued aggression and hostility towards your dealers, transporters, employees and suppliers is appalling and distasteful. It is becoming boring now and you need to style up, it is 2018! For you to continue branding everyone wholesomely as thieves is not just ignorant but myopic, petty, uninformed and outright irresponsible. You have failed to inspire leadership, direction and sense of purpose in the organization, only witch-hunt, bigotry and entitlement has been your endeavour. You only reward yourself and your band of radicals. 

You have openly bragged how you know to make money. You have said that you can run the whole organization singlehandedly without the help of the employees, dealers or transporters. This is a very unfortunate statement coming from you knowing fully well how you have oppressed everyone in the company. Since you do not look at yourself, you have become the biggest thief in KenolKobil and you have mastered how to steal from everyone. Well, this is how you steal and only reward yourself: You steal from the transporters by reducing their rates below the market rate and you delay their payments; you steal from the dealers by suppressing the dealer margins; you steal from your suppliers and contractors by underpaying them and holding back their payments; you steal from the employees by not paying them their deserved salaries, overworking them and refusing them benefits. An example of the employees benefit is ESOP which you stole from them and you have remained quiet about it. You cannot run an organization on the dictates of your stomach- No! That is just wicked. To only look at yourself as the only beneficiary in the company, to reward yourself with hefty pay and bonus and to see everyone else as a liability and a bother is not only oppressing but evil. You have become a tyrant. Your unethical business strategies continue unchecked to this day, that is puzzling.

We the dealers continue to suffer your poor decisions and judgment. We continue to suffer your appetite to reap where you have not sowed. How can you deny us the dealers product during this month’s price change? Is it not stealing from the dealers? Did we not pay for the orders in good time? You deliberately denied us product, the stations ran dry, so that you can benefit from the extra additional shillings in the new price change. Is this not unethical? Did we invest in this company so that you rip us off? Don't we deserve good returns on our investments? Our business also matters.

We the transporters still wait for payment of invoices of way back in October 2017. How do you expect us to provide you services when you are holding back our payments? How do you expect us to run our companies with no funds? Yet we know you paid yourself a bonus of Kshs.30mil in December last year. How do you pay yourself first and leave us out for the services we have provided for you? Are you not trading with our money against our will? Is this acceptable?This is unethical and not right at all.

Your radicalism has gone a notch higher. You run around the office telling employees how they are going to lose their jobs and they better start looking for other jobs. Your hate and fear mongering is unlawful and unacceptable. You have promised to do away with everyone and bring on board new employees. Your new drive for cost cutting is just a ploy to send away hard working employees while they have contributed to making the company more profitable. The company is making money but you only want it for yourself, which explains why you denied a good number of employees last year’s bonus and gave yourself a hefty one. Simply put, you are just a wild animal. Also, how can you say that the reason why employees go to the office is because the offices have good toilets? Are toilets the motivation for employees in KenolKobil? Are you in your proper frame of mind? Is this the best treatment for Kenyan employees you can give?

Your behavior does not command any respect, honor, or loyalty. Your utterances, attitude and demeanor have become despicable to say the least. Being a foreigner, you have continued to show disdain, ridicule, and disrespect to Kenyans from whom you get your livelihood from, and who continue to host you in the wild form you have taken. Don’t delude yourself that you are the best thing that ever happened to us, we Kenyans are a resilient lot and no amount of dehumanizing can take that away from us. Again don't ever delude yourself that there's anything to emulate from you. Those are traits of an animal. We are all tired of you, we are tired of your hotheadedness, we are tired of your insults, we are tired of your bigotry, we are tired of your ego, your selfishness, tyranny and most of all we are tired of your OPPRESSION. We have Kenyan companies managed by Kenyan MD, run by Kenyans and they all have wonderful stories to write home about. It's time you try something new or just leave us to be KENYANS! We are not your SLAVES! 

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