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Car seller con Baraza:: How I lost my money and my dream car

My names are Polly Gakii John. I posted this on your Twitter handle and I’m here to explain more as requested.

I have known Donald Oluoch Baraza since college and he did car imports and car hire after college. He has companies by the name smart solutions and meydon solutions. I got a job in Mombasa in 2013 I work as a real estate agent. Made my first sale in 2016 got 250k and since that could not be enough to buy a car I called Donald seeking advice on car models and prices as I worked to get one, he told me he was intact importing a harrier and had a ready client and if I could send the 250k straight to the Japan account the harrier would be here in few weeks he’d sell and give me 50k as commission hence I’d have 300k.

I did the transfer at family bank Mtwapa and true the car arrived and he sold it. So now I have 300k and I wanted a 4*4 he advised Mitsubishi rvr was a good car and that I needed 400k to get it from auction in Japan he sent the photos and I sent him 90k via family bank mobile banking he was to add me 10k then I’d refund, to bring the car to Mombasa port it was to cost me 900k then I’d pay duty amounting to 300k total 1.2M on April 2017 I sent him 510k to his account again and stated it was for Mitsubishi rvr imports.

I later asked to know the progress if the car has been shipped he sent me screenshots of emails and the car was to arrive in July 20th I was calm till he said the vehicle was here and put me on conference call with one Steve who was the clearing agent, sent me a photo on WhatsApp that it was waiting ntsa approval even asked for my PIN number that I’ll get the car brought to me at Naivas mall Mombasa, a whole week waiting I started panicking

Someone asked me to contact Japan and ask about the Said stock number, they confirmed that it was for the harrier he imported in 2016 and that no car was imported my Donald last year. I reported to the police in August at central police Mombasa ob number 16/3/8/17.

To date I haven’t gotten any help, they called him he keeps promising to pay and when the date he says is finally here he never picks calls again. Kindly see attached conversations and receipts 

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