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"Auntie Boss" show's Varshita: Unacceptably racist and must be stopped!

Hello there. As a consumer, I have a great concern but don't know where to address. I am so perturbed with the racism that is in the series of "Varshita" Auntie Boss program.

As much as the program is entertaining, the level of racism is too much and it disturbs me a lot; 

1. Why should they always refer to Don as a black man?

2. Why should they keep refering to Mutinda as Mujinga (foolish)?

3. in many statements, they show a black man as inferior to Hindus. Why?

4. Why is there disrespect to the in-laws (Don's parents) as much as it is acting do they have to show that Africans are like chokoras (street kids)? its so disturbing!

5. One Hindu made a comment that Don (black man) shouldn't be let into their car becuase he will leave back black marks on the seats. Really? Oh, no ... that can't pass. 

Dear Cofek. This is a total #RipoffKenya. What are teaching our children? Please do something. They should be let know that there is too much racism in their program. Its unacceptable and unlawful  (Joseph K.)

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