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Filed by: Ripoff Admin 20th February 2018 Views: 103 Category: Automotive>>Auto Dealers
My names are Polly Gakii John. I posted this on your Twitter handle and I’m here to explain more as requested. I have known Donald Oluoch Baraza since college and he did car imports and ca... Read more
Filed by: Liremwa 2nd February 2018 Views: 51 Category: Services>>
I applied for contract cancellation in May of 2012,on vacating the premise but to date im still rrceiving notification of billing information. Most recent being Dear HELLEN NATECHO KHAREMWA, ACCOUNT N... Read more
Filed by: Nissie 27th January 2018 Views: 112 Category: Electronics>>
I bought a microwave at e-zone, TRM. It was 7800. On reaching home I noticed that the display was ill-fitted and it was scratched on the inside and outside. This purchase was at 7Pm. I couldn’t ... Read more
Filed by: Ripoff Admin 26th January 2018 Views: 32 Category: Media >>
President Uhuru Kenyatta has unveiled names of nominated Cabinet secretaries, principal secretaries and ambassadors to various countries. Here is the full statement: Fellow Kenyans as I ment... Read more
Filed by: Ripoff Admin 26th January 2018 Views: 77 Category: Energy>>
  David Ohana,It is in good faith that we once again write to you and hope this finds you well. We had really hoped that our relationship would have improved since our last communication an... Read more
Filed by: akshay 25th January 2018 Views: 31 Category: Telecommunications >>
I transacted using Airtel Money to pay for eCitizen services; however, did not receive a confirmation of the transaction. When I called their contact centre, they indicated that they were having issue... Read more
Filed by: Leon 22nd January 2018 Views: 33 Category: Banking and Financial Services>>SMEs Micro-Lenders
I worked for from November 2014 to December 2016. The terms of employment were contractual basis. My last contract expired at the end of June 2016 subsequently I applied for renewal. Five months down... Read more
Filed by: Ripoff Admin 22nd January 2018 Views: 121 Category: Banking and Financial Services>>
I'm Martin Njeru, I've been a member of Equity Bank since 2005,Acc-025010147***; but the experience my wife had today at your Ukunda branch needs addressing. She had picked loan application forms fro... Read more
Filed by: Ripoff Admin 22nd January 2018 Views: 85 Category: Media >>
Am writing to complain about something I’ve observed and have been a victim of as well where the public has been and is still currently being extorted by the above mentioned parties. It’s... Read more
Filed by: Ripoff Admin 22nd January 2018 Views: 93 Category: Banking and Financial Services>>
I am writing to seek your advice on the above issue. On 16-Nov-2017, there was a fraudulent transaction in my cooperative account (Visa card issuer). I learnt about it on 10-Jan-2018. I've had a long... Read more
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